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From general dentistry to state of the art dental implants Dr. Felix Madrid and his team are here to help you with your perfect smile.

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Dr. Madrid has been servicing the greater Rio Rancho area for over 25 years. Learn more about Dr. Madrid and his team of experts today.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Felix Madrid, and I’ve been serving Rio Rancho and the surrounding area for over 25 years. A lot has changed over the past 25 years, both in New Mexico and in the field of Dentistry. It is my personal mission to make sure that I stay on the cutting edge of what is happening both in and around my practice, in doing this, I am able to fully understand and commit to my patient’s individual needs.


Education is Key

In order to achieve my goal of complete dental health for our patients, I build relationships with my patients that empowers them to be the masters of their own dental health. When you open the doors to my practice, you’ll notice something a little bit different about us. You’ll quickly come to learn that what is different is that each of our highly professional staff comes to work everyday with the intention of educating our patients.

No matter what procedure you need, no matter how simple or complex, each patient’s treatment plan starts by educating you in the latest science regarding the procedure. After we are confident that you fully understand the scientific importance of your procedure, myself or one of my staff member’s will connect the scientific importance with your personal health. We will tell you why we believe that it is important for you to consider the procedure and we will give you all of the potential methods of treatment.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue treatment, and which treatment method to pursue, is up to you. Our goal is to educate you enough that when you make your decision, you are making a well informed decision.

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When you’re ready to step out of the dark when it comes to your dental health, when you’re ready to become educated about the importance of your mouth, or even when you’re just in need of a quick, routine, cleaning. Come see us! Until then, feel free to browse our beautiful site where there are many resources to start you on the path of education.

We hope to see you soon.

Dr. Felix Madrid, DDS.


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